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  1. I can’t even believe that you’re gone. It doesn’t seem real. I can honestly say we always had positive interactions. I’ll remember grabbing dinner at our pre tournament hangouts, venting amongst ourselves while working and talking about football. We were always on the same page and rocked the floor together. I’ll always miss you for sure. Look down on us, especially Luis and Wayne. RIP friend

  2. Just seeing this now, completely stunned. I always had so much fun working with Roz, the jokes and the professionalism .. and the occasional glass of wine after a flight wrapped up.

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Rosilyn “Roz” Jordan

August 1973-November 2019

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we say goodbye to our dear friend and respected colleague, Rosilyn (Roz) Jordan, who marched on home earlier this month. 

Roz was an irreplaceable part of DEPP, and we will miss her vast knowledge of both poker and life every single day. 

Roz was the kind of person who made those around her better.  Roz was smart, kind, thoughtful and damn funny.  People who had the good fortune of knowing her all agree that her zeal for life was unparalleled.  Roz loved her friends, traveling, days on the beach, animals of all kinds (except maybe geese—you will have to ask Luis and Wayne about that one), a good drink, and her New Orleans Saints.

For the last ten plus years, Roz had been on the road, traveling to different venues in order to bless each Poker Event with her world-class knowledge and skill.  She was one of the OG’s in every sense of the phrase.  In all those years on the road, many of her colleagues were lucky enough to become family.  Her passing is reminder to those she left behind that we need to look out for and check in on one another; and most importantly, never take our loved ones for granted.   

DEPP would encourage well-wishers to write a note of farewell on a bottle of Tito’s, Hennessy or red wine and drink it in her honor and celebration of a life well lived.  And if she owed you drink, when you find her in Heaven, we are sure that she will gladly allow you to buy her another!


All whom loved her dearly will never forget her tenacity, wit, charm, grace and undying love and care for them.  Roz, you will be greatly missed.